About Us

Matomek Precision Die Sdn. Bhd. (214140-K) incorporated in March 1991 and leading the way as one of Malaysia‚Äôs finest manufacturers of precision parts. Matomek Precision Die Sdn. Bhd. (214140-K) brings to Malaysia a wealth of knowledge and experience. Through its parent company in Japan, a leader in the precision die and metal stamping press technology, Matomek Precision Die Sdn. Bhd. (214140-K) is able to produce and supply these products with the same advance technology as in Japan.

Matomek takes pride in meeting our customers exact and precise requirements. We specialise in manufacturing precision stamping parts for electronics, electrical industries, auto mobile parts and precision tooling dies for high speed progressive dies. We proudly boast that we are the first suppliers in precision press parts to provide our customers with superior products that are manufactured combining high technology, skill, quality and the latest production facilities.

At Matomek Precision Die Sdn. Bhd. (214140-K) our pride is the satisfaction of producing precision parts that meet the international standards and quality of our customers both here in Malaysia and abroad.